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Back in the saddle!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

So your thinking of getting back in the saddle!

Your life has a bit more space. your feeling the urge to do something for yourself again. Kids are older, or maybe you are in a better financial position, or maybe you just need something for you!

You reminisce about the days when you rode bare back all day. When time didn't matter and there were no bills to pay. You were stinky with horse smell, your finger nails dirty. You would ride and brush and love until the daylight didn't let you anymore and then you would do it all again the next day!

You had a connection with your pony. They knew you and you knew them. They came when you called and they waited while you were away. You spent every night thinking about your next adventure together and were up at sparrows fart to be in that paddock. you were as one. galloping in an open field, you were free. The trust was incomparable. Meals were barely meals, a peanut butter sammy on the way out the door was more than enough. There was nothing else you could imagine doing with your time.

Then............Life happens. The responsibilities build. A relationship in the making. You find less and less time to spend with your beautiful pony.

They still come when you call and wait for you when your not there. But you find yourself visiting less and less.

The day comes when you realise that your old mate is sitting in the paddock doing not much at all. you are starting to feel guilty about not having the time to spend with them. Your study, career, relationships are just too demanding. you really cant fit in the horse time anymore.

You find them a nice home to retire or move them on to the next kid to love and make their best friend.

As they drive out of your property you cry a river and hope and pray that they are loved and cherished as much as you have loved and cherished them.

You think about your pony every day and wonder how they are getting on and if they would still remember you. The days, weeks, years go by and they are still in your thoughts but frequent less and less.

your life is so busy. Kids, home buying, work, bills, rent. Whatever the situation may be. You find your self starting to feel like you have completely lost touch with what it means to be you. You can barely fit in a shower or a poo without someone wanting something or fighting children. You become isolated from friends and activities, just trying to keep your head above water. You are mentally and physically exhausted.

In those little moments of peace, you think back to the days with your pony. You just take those snap shots in time to remember how it feels to have peace, be free and feel connected.

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