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About Us: Welcome

About Holistic Living NZ

Northland owned and operated. With 50 + years-combined experience in equine and animal care.

Cost effective, purposeful, fun, Practical products and services.

Locals looking after locals!

About Us: About Us

Our Story

Having been involved in the Farming, animal and equine industry for most of our lives, we have reached goals, faced tragedy had huge success and seen many failures. However, what are these things to experience if we haven’t had fantastic learning and have the ability to put this learning to amazing use?


We aim to provide people with truly suitable options for their NZ mounts, paddock friends or whatever life they choose for their hōiho, as well as family pets and lifestyle animals. Based on our own experience, working and studying within the veterinary industry, bloodstock/ racing, endurance, polo, trekking, pony club and Dairy farming we have gained many years

of professional nutrition and animal wellbeing knowledge. 


The availability of practical, cost-effective products in rural NZ is a real issue.

There are so many complicated and uninformed options on the market when it comes to animal products.


Feed and minerals included!


We are all trying to do the best for our much-loved pets and will often spend more on them than we do on ourselves!


We don’t need to do this!


Information surrounding feed and supplements, especially, is super confusing, and we are, as consumers, drawn to the well-marketed, fancy packaged and often premium cost products.


We have realised this is a common issue with owners new to horses, pets and lifestyle animlas. Despite spending a small fortune and definitely having the best intentions, there are still many cases of animals overfed, underfed with minerals that do not suit, multi-minerals being fed and working against each other or feeds, that are not appropriate for the particular Animals workload, age, as a combination with pasture type, in relation to an underlying illness, etc.

We are here to help.

With our team of experienced professional research, product developers, and nutrition experts, we have produced a practical and purposeful line of minerals/supplements animal care products and feed range.


A problem we see more than too often in the field is feeds bought for mineral content, but still, the Animal is not receiving adequate supplementation or continues to have the issues that the product claims to fix.


We have left out the minerals from our feeds, so you can add what your animal needs without overdoing it with the supplements already formulated in the tucker. We also have kept in mind that if you have a horse in NZ, you are more likely  the proud owner of either a couple of leftover pet day sheep, chooks, cows or goats. Our feeds are also suitable for these guys, so you can feel at ease about spreading the love.


Our aim is to provide you with animal care products that work, cost-effective feed systems that you are able to maintain, minerals that reach your horse correctly and support that goes with this.


If you are unsure about where you might start in all of this we can provide you with a feed calculation. It will allow us to take a holistic view of your hōiho as a package and help you to formulate a diet, specifically designed for your hōiho – taking into account all relevant information.


Whether you choose to use our feeds or others on the market, we will help you to get your plan as close to accurate as possible.


We are keeping the fancy labels and the shiny packaging out of it!


So that we can keep the costs down to deliver a premium product at a cost-effective price.

Look forward to talking soon

Claire & Jess x

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