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Your thinking about it!

Your closer to taking that next step into Horseownerism.

You have spent days and nights and weeks and months and maybe even years, prepping for this moment. You have meticulously scanned and rescanned the budget to see where and how this giant, hairy, hoofed animal can squeeze into your families bills or mortgage or backyard. You have sacrificed your hair appointments, your apricot face scrub and much to your families delight, the 3 ply toilet paper and those extra treats in the groceries, to scrounge away, the little pieces of your horse ownership puzzle.

You did it!

your ready!

Maybe you have managed to secure agistment with facilities of your dreams, for the cost of one or more of your organs on the black market. Or maybe

You've bummed a paddock next door and taped off a little bit on the side of the road. Or maybe you are lucky enough to live on a reasonable sized property or farm and the husband has finally folded to the years of subtle hints, nagging and making his life extremely agony unless he listens, reads, watches the horse Tik Toks that your following and takes interest in your ever growing obsession with the equine species. What ever type of grazing situation you have been able to sort out, You have done it and your ready to roll!

Your on the job!

You have are now on "unlimited horse search drive mode!". Scrolling in the toilet, secretly while your pumping your gas, while your breast feeding, on the sly while your cooking dinner. It is your mission!

can now start searching high and low. You realise there is no longer " Horse Trader" magazine that you used to look through as a kid, but, there are 50 million different Facebook groups for buying and selling horses. OMG

You scroll away in temptation a delight, with anything within your size range being an option.

You would really love it if the seller could just, please, somehow, put a bloody price on the add, so you didnt have to PM every single person selling a horse in NZ. Buuuut, you do it anyway. After all, " you gotta be in it to win it!"

Pm For more info

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