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Hōiho Super Fibre

Hōiho Super Fibre

SKU: HSF12345

Get your fibre gains with Hōiho Super Fibre Mash. This superfibre, low starch option is a pefect option for those hōiho on controlled or lower forage/pastures needing to make up for the loss in fibre but not needing any addded starch. Because Hōiho Super Fibre is soaked to create a mash, it is highly digestable and is also a great option for our Taonga/ older hōiho or poni that may not digest and absorb nutrtion like they once did or struggle with dental issues. This is a simple and effective fibre option for all workloads and lifestages.


Feed with Holistic Hōiho suppliments to provide a balanced mineral and fibre feed.


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  • Typical Analysis

    DM 91%, ME11 MJ/kg/DM, CProtein11.5%,, Starch1.4%,  CFat3%, CFibre 36%,  NDF67%, ADF45%, Calcium 0.6%, Potassium 1.5%, Lignin3%, TDN 72%

  • Feeding Recommendations

    As a rule, hōiho require 1.5- 2 % of fibre per day (DM) for weight maintenance and healthy gut function. Use Hōiho Super fibre Mash to fill the the gap in pasture deficit or increase fibre intake.

    Hōiho Super Fibre Mash, can, make up to 75% of daily fibre.

    Hōiho Super Fibre Mash is in a low starch option with no added molasses.

    Soaked- it becomes most available with the digestive process.

    Fibre is the key!! If in doubt, add more fibre!

  • Ingrediants

    Pelletised Soy Hull

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